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The Hunger Games : The Game Walkthrough

2012-04-01 15:17:03 by dghdhgdgh3

Stuck on dodging that knife?
Well have no fear friends! I beat the hunger games game in 17 minutes and uploaded a walkthrough to Youtube!

The Hunger Games : The Game Walkthrough


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2012-04-01 15:39:42

You beat in 17 minutes AND 20 SECONDS!! YOU LIAR!!!!!


2012-04-12 04:00:38

Mother of God...


2012-04-12 04:00:47

Mother of God...


2012-06-22 11:55:06

but...the video. It's deleted!

dghdhgdgh3 responds:

Yeah, I made a bunch of videos that had misleading titles and Youtube took my account down

Guess they don't have a sense of humor...


2012-07-29 23:38:47

Can you repost?